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  • Personalizing adjuvant therapy for patients with colorectal cancer

    Published: 24.11.2023

    Yang L, Yang J, Kleppe A, Danielsen HE, Kerr DJ

    Nat Rev Clin Oncol

    PubMed 38001356

  • Accounting for intensity variation in image analysis of large-scale multiplexed clinical trial datasets

    Published: 10.09.2023

    Frei AL, McGuigan A, Sinha RR, Glaire MA, Jabbar F, Gneo L, Tomasevic T, Harkin A, Iveson TJ, Saunders M, Oein K, Maka N, Pezella F, Campo L, Hay J, Edwards J, Sansom OJ, Kelly C, Tomlinson I, Kildal W, Kerr RS, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE, Domingo E, TransSCOT Consortium et al.

    J Pathol Clin Res, 9 (6), 449-463

    PubMed 37697694

  • Patient-reported nausea after implementation of an enhanced recovery after surgery protocol for gynae-oncology patients

    Published: 06.08.2023

    Lindemann K, Heimisdottir Danbolt S, Ramberg L, Eyjólfsdóttir B, Wang YY, Heli-Haugestøl AG, Walcott SL, Mjåland O, Navestad GA, Hermanrud S, Juul-Hansen KE, Bragstad LK, Opheim R, Kleppe A, Kongsgaard U

    Int J Gynecol Cancer, 33 (8), 1287-1294

    PubMed 37451689

  • Prospective evaluation of an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) pathway in a Norwegian cohort of patients with suspected or advanced ovarian cancer

    Published: 13.07.2023

    Lindemann K, Kleppe A, Eyjólfsdóttir B, Heimisdottir Danbolt S, Wang YY, Heli-Haugestøl AG, Walcott SL, Mjåland O, Navestad GA, Hermanrud S, Juul-Hansen KE, Kongsgaard U

    Int J Gynecol Cancer

    PubMed 37451690

  • Survival in a consecutive series of 467 glioblastoma patients: Association with prognostic factors and treatment at recurrence at two independent institutions

    Published: 01.02.2023

    Blakstad H, Brekke J, Rahman MA, Arnesen VS, Miletic H, Brandal P, Lie SA, Chekenya M, Goplen D

    PLoS One, 18 (2), e0281166

    PubMed 336730349

  • Stromal composition predicts recurrence of early rectal cancer after local excision

    Published: 25.06.2021

    Jones HJ, Cunningham C, Askautrud HA, Danielsen HE, Kerr DJ, Domingo E, Maughan T, Leedham SJ, Koelzer VH


    PubMed 34174109

  • Prognostic value of DNA ploidy and automated assessment of stroma fraction in prostate cancer

    Published: 16.12.2019

    Ersvaer E, Hveem TS, Vlatkovic L, Brennhovd B, Kleppe A, Tobin KAR, Pradhan M, Cyll K, Waehre H, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE (2019)

    Int J Cancer

    PubMed 31846064

  • Prognostic value of mitotic checkpoint protein BUB3, cyclin B1, and pituitary tumor-transforming 1 expression in prostate cancer

    Published: 03.12.2019

    Ersvær E, Kildal W, Vlatkovic L, Cyll K, Pradhan M, Kleppe A, Hveem TS, Askautrud HA, Novelli M, Wæhre H, Liestøl K, Danielsen HE

    Mod Pathol Dec 4 2019

    PubMed 31801961

  • Clinical utility of chromatin analysis

    Published: 20.08.2018

  • Mutation burden and other molecular markers of prognosis in colorectal cancer treated with curative intent: results from the QUASAR 2 clinical trial and an Australian community-based series

    Published: 01.07.2018

    Domingo E, Camps C, Kaisaki PJ, Parsons MJ, Mouradov D, Pentony MM, Makino S, Palmieri M, Ward RL, Hawkins NJ, Gibbs P, Askautrud H, Oukrif D, Wang H, Wood J, Tomlinson E, Bark Y, Kaur K, Johnstone EC, Palles C, Church DN, Novelli M, Danielsen HE, Sherlock J, Kerr D et al.

    Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol

    PubMed 30042065

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