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A program suite for establishing tailored medical registries with built-in analytical features.

Illustration describing the Medinsight project Illustration describing the Medinsight project

“By making systematic use of good research and quality registers, researchers and clinicians can evaluate the process and results of patient treatment, which furthermore can help with the understanding and patient-focused management of patient treatment and research.”


Medinsight is a program suite developed and maintained by the ICGI. Its primary use is for medical registers (datasets), containing structured data for scientific and quality purposes. It is a popular tool at Oslo University Hospital (OUH).

Personalized development

One unique aspect of this program suite is its creation. Scientists and medical specialists needed a platform to safely store and retrieve structured patient data, so they worked closely with the developers at the ICGI to create this application. This has proven to be a key factor to Medinsight’s success, and this collaboration continues today - over a decade after Medinsight’s initial release. What started as a fairly simple registration tool, with user management and secure storage has developed into a platform with an abundance of functionality.

Medinsight contains different types of registers: Health registers (both internal, regional, national and specialist registers), Research registers, Research biobanks, Consent registers, Administrative registers, and registers for integration with existing journal/specialist systems.

Key features

Some key features of Medinsight include: a specification tool that enables users to specify registers; developer tools for customized registers; input validation; integration with existing key systems used by the hospital and externally; coupling of different registers when applicable (and allowed) and a powerful reporting and explorative analyzing tool.

In the report tool you can take information from one or more data sources and present your data either graphically or in a table. With the interactive report module, we support sorting, filtering and formatting, moving or hiding columns, crosstabs and chart-based views, as well as searching and exporting of data to other statistical software programs such as SPSS.

With these features and support from the developers, the users are given a unique tool for insight into their patient groups.

More than 230 registers have been developed since 2004. About 130 are in production today with an average of 450 active users over the last three years. Several of these registers contain structured data spanning over 15 years, with some containing the complete history for their specific patient group in Norway! Medinsight is the primary source for gathering and retrieving data for some of the most notable scientific groups in OUH, and is the preferred tool for all internal quality-assessment studies – truly enabling medical insight.


The ICGI also has installations of Medinsight at Vestfold Hospital and Østfold Hospital. Following the development of Medinsight Plus, further installations at other institutions and health authorities is possible.

More information

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